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What are the requirements for Latin dance costumes?
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    In learning Latin dance, Latin dance costumes are an important part of improving the overall expressiveness of dance works. What are the requirements of Latin dance costumes?

    Requirements for Latin dance costumes

    In the process of learning Latin dance, women should wear breathable gown or small vest with bare back, knee-length skirt and formal Latin women's shoes. The hair should be high and the dishes will be braid or a hair cum. Men don't ask much for the upper body, but they have to wear Latin pants and Latin shoes for the lower body. These requirements seem cumbersome and troublesome. In fact, there are many profound reasons.

1. Tight fitting or revealing Latin dance costumes.

    Latin dance belongs to athletic dance, so it will sweat a lot in the dance, once wearing unqualified clothes will cause eczema and rubella problems due to dampness, and because many movements are done behind the power belt, so wearing tight and BARE-BACKED Latin dance clothes can let the teacher at the first moment to find the strength of your back. Is the quantity applied correctly?

2, the Latin skirt of the floor knee.

    Because women play a particularly important role in Latin dance, so the Latin dance for women's knee requirements must be particularly stringent and straight, so must be knee-baring to allow teachers to see the problems of the knee. At the same time wearing Latin skirt, can do the movement outside the pendulum effect appears to have Latin style.

3, suitable Latin dance shoes.

   Many movements in Latin dance involve a transition from toe tips to half soles to full feet, so the soles of the Latin dance shoes are soft. Ordinary high heels can't do this, and it's possible to hurt your feet when you dance because of inappropriate shoes.

4, hair needs to get up.

   Latin dance contains a lot of head-holding and head-shaking movements. If you don't pull your hair up, you may hit yourself or your partner in the face because of your hair. This affects the mood of the dancer and reduces speed and strength.
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