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Dance costumes are important for dancing.
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   Dance and clothing are closely related in fact, in dance performance, the existence of clothing can better shape the image of the characters, extend the skills of performers, but also can be used to render the atmosphere. Moreover, there is a higher aesthetic value, so the Dancing Costume actors are required to pay attention to the cultivation of aesthetic sense of costume.

   Dance is an art of modelling in motion. It is the result of artistic body movements, that is, the coordinated, rhythmic and aesthetic movements and shapes of the human body, from short plays to combinations, and then to express emotions in the repertoire, through changes in emotion, speed and rhythm.

   The basic elements of dance performance are: first, the dancer's understanding of the intention and content of the creation of the work, the understanding of the role and the inner feelings of the characters; second, the understanding of the dance language, its own quality and proficiency; mastery of different dance segments, expression processing, lighting design, are all for the dance costume decisions. Yes.
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