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1. brand positioning:
With the rapid development of the national economy, people are branding towards the demand for clothing and clothing. Brand can satisfy consumers'sense of superiority, achieve quality assurance, promote the rapid development of the clothing industry, so that long-term products firmly occupy the consumer market.

2. overall development strategy:
The clothing industry is a major industry in China. China has 17 million new babies every year, and under the great policy of liberalizing second births, the huge baby clothing market is the basis of our choice. Broad market consumer groups can promote the sustainability of entrepreneurship development, so choose the baby down jacket brand market positioning, the establishment of a national franchise chain, online and offline sales model, the use of equity cooperation.

3. market analysis:
(3.1) China's population has appeared excellent biochemistry, less biochemistry, from the past year's super-births, multi-births, into a modern super-births, less births. Living standards are increasing and demand for high quality daily necessities is increasing. For children's growth and consumption, they also tend to be high-end brands and improve the accuracy of clothing demand. The new generation is full of cherishing the children, and the old generation's care for their children is multiplying. Therefore, it also laid the foundation for the sale of children's down garments. Broad market, a dedicated consumer group positioning, is our brand for young children down jacket sales options.
(3.2) children's down clothing is divided into two types of autumn and winter, more than 10 styles, 4-5 colors for each. High quality plain green fabric and high quality duck down products are in line with the national garment industry standards. At the same time, each batch of products must be tested by the national quality inspection department, and the test report should be produced at the time of sale. It ensures the safety, reliability and quality stability of products.
(3.3) the southern part of the Yangtze River is mainly sold in the autumn, and the two types of Jiangbei autumn and winter are popularized at the same time. In the northwest and Northeast China, we focus on selling winter patterns. Sales area is promoted nationwide. For foreign customers, according to the style of customer requirements, design product sales mode. It will be popularized in Ji'nan, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Taiyuan and other provincial capitals.  Northeast people come in with heating, lack of outdoor activities in winter, the southern winter temperature is hotter, winter clothes more selective, after understanding the different market analysis.
(3.4) "Le Dele" brand down jacket for young children, is designed for young children, has a broad market, promising prospects, consumer groups for young fashionable parents and middle-aged grandparents, more selective. Middle-aged and old people care for the next generation, cherish the heart more and more intense, on the children's clothing consumption will also choose quality, style, better type.

4. marketing strategy:

Products are sold in children's products stores, women's and children's products stores, children's clothing sales outlets, etc. The first product sales set up a city, then gradually nationwide promotion. The sales methods are as follows:

(4.1) "zero inventory" allows dealers no inventory, no inventory, pressure and cost.  Selling without thinking. Our children's down jacket products, the products on the shelves are suitable for the market sales of new, new, new trends, high quality. We will launch a variety of seasonal new baby down jackets according to the changes in different seasons and the needs of the local market. Dealers only need to pay 20 thousand yuan for the first time. In the process of selling down jackets for young children, dealers can change the styles of down jackets they sell at any time, and contact them for replenishment and purchase at any time. No return. The customer takes charge of replacement. The company will provide all-round services to customers.

According to the feedback of new media such as marketing staff, customer groups, publicity groups and network, we will set up dedicated line 400 customer service telephone to serve customers. According to customer feedback, we will follow up the service thoughtfully to ensure that consumers are satisfied with their purchases, children are satisfied with their clothes and sellers are satisfied with their sales. The company adheres to the tenet of "noble quality, honesty and trustworthiness" and develops steadily and rapidly.

(4.2) Online sales, Taobao, Weipinhui, Jingdong and other websites to open stores, set up their own shops, responsible for online marketing, publicity, promotion.  Online sales are carried out by subcontracting, shareholding and franchise.

(4.3) a partnership shall be sold in the form of partnership, and a salesperson shall be employed. We should adopt partnership and equity participation. There is no need for business personnel to invest in products, but only to undertake advanced travel expenses and contact business. We will set up the sales area division and share allocation according to the number of people joining the project. After the successful signing of the five sales points of the contract to give a share of shares, the cooperative business personnel can dividend according to the shares, at the same time, each business personnel signed a customer to give 500 yuan cash subsidy.

(4.4) Business personnel who meet the requirements for employment shall adopt the performance appraisal system with a base salary increase, and shall not adopt the method of share-holding and dividend-sharing for such business personnel. Zhuangte company adopts the advance monthly wage starting from 2000 yuan, each sign a customer contract, after delivery pay 1000 yuan performance fee. Five distributors were signed for a base salary of 4000 yuan, and 10 distributors were signed for a base salary of 10000 yuan at the end of the month. (no customer base salary was cancelled in that month).

(4.5) Part-time staff, using the relationship between leisure time and friends circle, or the network to give referrals contact distribution customers, each successful signing of a customer, give cash awards of 1300 yuan, five or more successful referrals according to 1500 yuan a customer award, more than 10 each give 1800 yuan award.

(4.6) Zhuangte has a special design team of "Le Delle" down jacket for young children, including professional technicians such as style design, pattern making, logo cartoon graphic design, etc. According to the psychological needs of different regions, different seasons and consumers, we can design and innovate high-quality products suitable for market demand by making accurate market analysis with large data from Internet and cloud computing. Now Zhuangte cooperates with Shenzhen Rui Fashion Sample Clothes and Children's Garment Design Company, which provides Zhuangte with all-round design services of "Le Dele" baby down jacket.

(4.7) Zhuangte has a cooperative production plant, which has technical departments, sample garment production technology room, laboratory, special machinery, flat cars and other professionals, Zhuangte has QOC, single manager to dock with the order. Advanced office facilities, warm and thoughtful after-sales service personnel. Years of technical supervision staff to ensure that every link in the production of products meet the standards. The company has production, supply and marketing of professional management personnel, logistics facilities, storage ventilation and constant temperature, computer network system management, warehouse delivery details. To ensure the quality traceability of each product. The combination of online and offline can achieve an ideal affiliate sales model.

5. management organization:
The project implementation of Zhuang te company has a sound management organization:
Chairman - General Manager - Design Department
Production plant
Accounting cost accounting
Receivables and receivables
Technical director
Finished product inspection
Sales Manager
Marketing Management
Logistics transportation, warehousing

The division of labor of each department is clear and meticulous, the responsibility is divided into people, leaving no dead end, avoiding the unfavorable factors in the operation of the enterprise, can promote the smooth development of the project.
Project personnel allocation personnel:
Cardboard, design, sample worker 6
Business sales staff 10
Merchandiser 2
There are 1 people in the Bureau.
Network personnel 3 people
Secretarial customer service 2 person
Technical quality director 1 people
1 professional managers
Warehouse warehouse 3 person
Raw material purchasing 1 people
Accounting and cashier 2
10 persons as corporate, directors and partners
About 40 people

6. investment plan:

Zhuangte Company adopted the franchise sales mode of online and offline chain for children's "Le De Le" brand down jacket, and invested gradually according to the implementation of the investment plan. Zhuangte has complete licenses, and has the right to import and export, "Zhuangwei" and "Le Dele" trademarks have been registered respectively, network personnel recently began online publicity operation. The down jacket samples have been gradually prepared in the near future. During the implementation of this project, it will invest 2 million 490 thousand yuan.

"Lode" brand children's down jacket Investment:
Investment volume during implementation of this project
Early stage plate making and sample preparation cost 200 thousand yuan annually.
The layout of the cooperative factory is 50 thousand yuan.
Warehouse layout investment 320 thousand yuan
Investment in machinery and equipment is 300 thousand yuan.
The first production of the finished product is 300 thousand yuan.
Investment in network office automation equipment 260 thousand
Taobao, vip.com, Jingdong open shop and supporting facilities investment 300 thousand
Salary of business sales manager (March) 360 thousand
Business promotion expenses, upfront expenses 400 thousand
Total total investment 2 million 490 thousand

Financing mode 1: Institutional financing accounts for 49% 1 million 220 thousand
Zhuang te shares accounted for 51% 1 million 270 thousand
Financing mode two: 6 of all partners are recruited, 265 thousand of whom contribute 265 thousand.
The company invested 900 thousand yuan, accounting for 36% of the shares.

7. profit analysis:

About 17 million new babies are born each year in China. Zhuang Specialty Company plans to sell 1% of the market share in one year. According to the average annual consumption of each child, Zhuang Specialty Company has 2 down jackets. The average factory price of each product is 170 yuan, and the profit is 30%. The following formula:
First year: 17000000*1%= 170000 people (number of buyers)
170000*2=340000 pieces (number of sales)
340000*170=57800000 yuan (Sales)
57800000*30%=17340000 yuan (annual profit)

Second years: annual business growth of 16%
First year 17340000
Second years 17340000*1.16%=20114400
Third years 20114400*1.16%=23332704

8. summary:

After the project of "Le Dele Le" down jacket for young children has been carried out, the prospect is bright and the market is vast, which is in line with the strategic development direction of enterprise to go short board and transform and upgrade.

8.1 brand effect:
Can drive the long-term development of the enterprise economy, is in line with the high-end development needs of the domestic clothing industry, "Le Dele" trademark, rhyme pleasant to the ear, can comply with the psychological first reaction of consumers, brand name is beautiful, product color, quality, feel, style are all in line with market demand. The scope of business of this project: children's down jacket, each 4-5 colors, 6 styles, while operating children's down waistcoat, sleeping bags, all of the products are made of high-quality soft plain environmental protection fabric accessories, the interior of the product is made of 90% high-quality duck down.
8.2 the core of the brand:
Highlight the high quality, specifically for children in the market down clothing products, fashionable and cheap products. Highlight the online and offline promotional highlights. Ensure high quality core.
8.3 consumer positioning:
Consumers are young children, 4 months to 4 years old group of young children, domestic positioning of young children, foreign consumer positioning and similar domestic. The promotion of foreign trade is conducted by exhibitions and Internet. The product has a unique style of popular acceptance, the domestic styling design in line with the trend of the new era and the style of traditional culture. In the context of international cultural and economic integration, the Korean version will also be designed according to the modern trend.
8.4 management team:
Organizational leadership is the key to team management, but also the top priority of this project, only advanced, scientific, professional team, can successfully operate the development of the project. The founder has been in business for ten years. He has rich experience in business and understands the clothing industry. Zhuangte company platform, complete certificates, has the right to import and export, office address Changzhou Tianning District, convenient transportation, office personnel, advanced office facilities, set up network, accounting, billing, foreign trade, secretarial departments of experienced and dedicated staff! Innovation is a strong idea. We can pool our minds and work together to carry out this project.
8.5 brand technical director:
We have experienced technical directors to supervise the quality of the products and provide quality tracking service for the products. The rational use and distribution of human resources can highlight the brand technology director's business relationship and outstanding leadership ability, so as to achieve the successful implementation of the project promotion.
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