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The development mode of garment processing enterprises today
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How about the production process of clothing manufacturers, will it be very complicated, in fact, not so, each department division of labor and cooperation, production line down, the production of hundreds of clothes blinking time. The garment processing industry has been developing to the present, and it can be said to be a great splendor in our market.

In the past few years, China's clothing because of cheap and beautiful, there are many foreign manufacturers will focus on China, in China's local clothing processing plants, the use of China's cheap labor and low cost, after the completion of the goods, plus a brand can be, such clothing, for customers, that is, by. That brand, because it represents brand, is a trusted company.

Processing process is that you have to make clothes, peer friends give you a list to do, in your case, only to do the raw material processing, that is, other people have a list, buy good cloth and materials and patterns and sample clothes to provide you, you are responsible for processing charges, simple risk is small.

Information transmission is faster in the Internet era. Especially the dissemination of fashion trend information. Some people say that the emergence of the Internet is the assassination of clothing independent innovation, some businesses on the Internet plagiarism, forcing businesses to constantly fast update, and fast update of course also requires clothing factory fast delivery, and the faster the better.

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