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Standard Specification for garment processing in garment factories
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    Every company or small manufacturer will have their own rules and regulations of different styles. Only the most suitable is the most effective. At the same time, nothing remains unchanged. Only when problems are found in time during the continuous development, can they be constantly updated and bring about different stages of adaptation.

    Although there are corresponding standards, but in fact, more still need employees in this respect of recognition and sense of belonging, can be maintained for a long time, will firmly grasp the staff of the company's one-hearted service, standard formulation seems simple, is blindly considering the feelings of employees and ignoring the manufacturer's economy Camping idea? Is it just blindly for the company to create the greatest profit, regardless of its purpose, to achieve the means to operate it? The answer must be No. If every garment manufacturer is like this, they will have to close their doors and find another way out. The formulation of standards needs to start from the long-term interests, but also to take into account the feelings of both sides, to formulate realistic and consistent with the needs of production and operation.

    Only by solving the problem from the source can we go farther. Only by constantly developing the problem can we do a good job of prevention in time and avoid the occurrence of hidden dangers as far as possible. Naturally, the overall comprehensive level of all aspects will be improved accordingly. Certainly, the authenticity of garment processing factories is in the formulation of standard norms. Face is particularly important, with these problems to think, we will find more attention, to achieve the most reasonable and effective standardization of garment processing plants, flagpole marking.

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