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Clothing production and processing introduce personalized clothing
Release time:2018-08-30   Source of the article:   
Clothing is interested in the concept of individualized clothing with aesthetic ironing, which reflects the pursuit of individuality in the new era, the end of the recent rise of individualized brand beauty. The new consumption concept of seeking difference but not seeking common ground. Personalized clothing highlights individual elements, and everything is customized by hand. Although the cost is high, it can meet the demand of clothing in the new era. Garment production and processing.

Clothing personalized performance and many factors have a close relationship, including geographical factors, belief factors, of course, more factors of the times. Mankind has already experienced millions of years of reproduction on the earth, in this long and "short" history, people around the world have created their own unique brilliant civilization, they seem to be vast night sky stars, emitting a dazzling light. From the Yellow River Valley in China to the thousands of miles of the Andes, from the mysterious Himalayas to the romantic Aegean coast, through the language of costume, the traces of historical giants are clearly recorded.

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