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Garment production process
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Design stage of clothing
The inspiration for costume design may come from anywhere - - a TV show, flowers in the park, or a fashion icon of the past. From this inspiration, the designer can create a piece of clothing to form a collection, which is a clothing project, in accordance with the scope of a particular theme.
In the stage of garment production, it is important for designers to create a line to sell to consumers. In the creative stage, the designer sketches and creates a "storyboard" design to illustrate the collection flow. Rough clothing produces low-grade fabrics such as cotton and fine cloth to give preliminary pictures of clothing. The designers showed these buyers and managers, decided the design of the commercial feasibility of her creation. The works that will pass through this stage will attract large segments of the buying population and draw consistent praise. After all, a collection must be worth buzzing, and no one will be interested in buying it. The new collection was premiered in the United States in September and February with international performances.
Production stage of clothing
Clothing production is a labor intensive process, which can make or break the designed house. If the designer can't produce enough clothing to meet the needs, or the cable-stayed antenna (scale production mode) is wrong, then the bank may fail or lose valuable capital.
At the beginning, sample manufacturers create new models of sample garments. Designers and teams adjust the fit and composition of clothes to make them work perfectly. Sample clothing runway, bamboo shoots and catalogues, put into work. Buyers outside the store see the showroom and see the collection. If they like it, designers will start collecting orders from units.
After the designer has collected the store order, he will send the fabrics, concepts and other materials to the manufacturer and supplier's business-to-business order. He bought enough orders for him, plus a little extra last minute sales and promotion. The designer is now waiting for the manufacturer to complete the production operation.
The production stage may be different producers, such as GAP or banana republic. Larger stores, rather than samples of Unproduced monks, ask for their chain location orders, production lines, and then shoot their catalogues and give speeches. Usually, the products that are happening in these promotional activities are already in stores because they are sold inside.
Clothing manufacturers produce clothing and shipping parts stores. Designers can also get a private distribution of a small gift or promotional product. According to the manufacturer's position, clothing may be completed by a specific date. European looms and producers, for example, often shut off a month's vacation during the summer vacation, so the designer must have the manufacturer's hands on their orders, this rest time.

After arriving at the store order, this is the designer's work on the future clothing collection for the next season. The actor's legacy from the manufacturing process can be sold to wholesalers and then the broker can put a few cents in dollars into the supplier's stock. In addition, the designer can accommodate an example of sales to get rid of surplus clothing.

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