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Clothing and clothing processing
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Clothing, clothing, clothing, clothing or clothing of all kinds of goods, clothing, wear, not only to prevent the extreme weather conditions, but also for the function as well as cultural, social reasons. Clothing also has a wearer's added emotional value. It actually reflects social class, gender, occupation, marital status, race or religious belief. On the basis of countless fashion, clothing fabric, men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, clothing industry, infant clothing, animal clothing and other standard clothing, clothing, clothing, can be divided into.

Garment processing
There are four main types of textile processing fiber processing, yarn processing, fabric processing and garment processing. In the past few years, garment processing has grown to a great degree. This increase can be attributed to the main denim garment, which is the largest garment segment today.

The finishing of clothing is mainly processed by wet process. The clothes are dyed and they teach color. Proper finishing can provide a better looking garment, change the texture and feel of the fabric, and add value to the final product. Complete various kinds of clothing, including peach smoothness, anti microbial finishing, no ironing, fragrance finish, ultraviolet light guard finish, acid washing, enzyme washing, water management, laser coating and other factors to consider, and processing including chemicals, production limitations and the selection of various types of machinery.  Generally do small-scale clothing processing, minimize the risk of injury. If some changes are made, or the finishing process must be replaced, it can be easily completed in small-scale production.

Sewing engineering in clothing
The basic unit of clothing or clothing is further converted into yarn, fiber, final product fabric or clothing coming into being. The theme of clothing used for construction and splicing is the key to the garment industry. Coal seam engineering includes sewing construction while producing garments. The basic principle involved here is multithreading, and the strength will be greater if the needle is consumed by one needle. The large joint strength can be adjusted by adjusting the tension of the sewing thread and thread control to ensure that the quality of the thread made by the machine and the chicken eye can be adjusted to the demand of the fabric for the quality of the thread. If the quality parameters of thread and machine type factors are kept in mind, lubricating machine and thread can be added to the quality of garment production.

Defects in clothing
For textile and garment industries, product quality is calculated in terms of fiber, yarn, fabric structure, color fastness, design and final product garments quality and standard. Quality control in garment manufacturing, pre sale and post sales services, distribution and pricing are essential for any garment manufacturer, trader or exporters. Certain quality related problems are often seen in garment manufacturing, such as sewing, color, size, or clothing defects.

Sewing defects
Open seams, stitching errors, mismatched threads, missing needles, improper clothing folds, error line tension and some sewing defects, which may affect the quality of the clothing.

Color defect
The color changes between the samples and final garments, the wrong color combinations and the mismatched dyes should always be avoided.

Sizing defect
The size of the error gradient, in the various parts of the garment, such as sleeves XL size, L size, the difference of the body measurement of the clothes can deteriorate and cannot be repaired.

Clothing defects
Broken or defective buttons, buttons, stitches, different depths of the same garment, drop needles, exposure gaps and edges, fabric defects, holes, loosening or hanging zippers, sewing threads, alignment buttons and holes, lost buttons, needles to cut or chew, pull or loose yarn, stains, unfinished buttonholes, Short zippers, improper decorations, etc. can lead to the end of a brand name. Clothing, clothing and clothing subdivision market

Men's Wear
Men are late, and become very fashionable. With the formal and casual clothes of men, the market is therefore open to a variety of formal and designer clothes, including jackets, jeans, pants, shirts, shorts, trousers, T-Shirts, wear, sportswear, beach wear and so on.

Women's clothes
The changing fashion and women's clothes make it more possible. Women's clothing, from formal, casual, and corporate designers to wear and exclusive wear, does not know any boundaries. Women's dress, clothes, trousers, skirts, T-Shirts, shirts, jeans, pajamas, shirts, shorts, trousers, swimsuits, coats, vests, blouses, shirts, all have their own market.

Children's clothes
Children's clothing market is expanding rapidly with women's clothing sales. Children's hats, clothes, jeans, jumpers, school uniforms, shirts, shorts and T-shirts are all produced in large scale to meet the market demand. The baby's bib is worn and the diaper is in great demand.

Industrial clothing
As more and more industry institutions and more and more manufacturers are concerned about the safety of workers, the industrial clothing market is becoming larger and larger, due to the demand for work clothing and protective clothing. Boilers, suits, industrial gloves, leather jackets, industrial safety pants, industrial tool bags, leather leggings, and leather sleeves are increasing safety.

Animal clothing

People who are becoming more adventurous these days are happy to have such a sport. Together with other water and adventure sports, we use all kinds of animal sports and also like them. In addition, animals are widely used in such farms as animal blankets, seat belts, horse riding boots, halter, reins, harnesses and saddles.

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